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April 6, 2017
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congrats to ut – 2017 uli hines competition winners


Rendering from the winning design

A huge congratulations are in order for the University of Texas team behind “Rooted,” which has taken the top prize at this year’s ULI Hines Student Competition. This ideas competition provides graduate students the opportunity to devise a comprehensive design and development scheme for a large-scale site in an urban area.The 2017 site is located in Chicago.

Members of the team were awarded a first-place prize of $50,000 after the conclusion of the competition. The three remaining finalist teams—from Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Maryland, and the Université Laval in Quebec—were each awarded $10,000.

The Texas team’s winning proposal, “Rooted,” is built upon the inherent power of food culture to bring together people of diverse backgrounds in a comfortable and lively space. It recognizes that Chicago has long served as the heartland for food production, processing, and distribution due to its prime location and role as the gateway to the East and West. Through the creation of a center for food and manufacturing, a unique urban experience materializes, tying together past, present, and future. The proposal not only reimagines the localization of the food supply chain, but also creates an equitable and inclusive environment conducive to building human capital.

The Team included:

  • Luke Kvasnicka, Master of Architecture
  • Miles Payton, Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Christopher Perkes (Team Leader), Joint degree Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning, Master of Science in Sustainable Design
  • Mason Rathe, Master of Business Administration
  • Kirsten Stray-Gundersen, Master of Architecture

Daniel served as a local jury member for the University of Texas teams, which provided feedback and critique to the entries prior to the national submittal.

The University of Texas has had a history of teams making it to the final rounds, but this is the first overall win the school has celebrated.