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April 11, 2017
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May 8, 2017
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dwg. selected for creek show 2017

Night Garden_small

A render of dwg.’s installation for Creek Show, Night Garden

dwg.’s installation, Night Garden, has been selected for the annual Waller Creek Conservancy Creek Show, scheduled for November 10 – 18. This is the first time the event has included a public call for ideas selection process, and dwg. is delighted to be involved.
Creek Show incorporates free, light-based art installations along Waller Creek between 5th and 8th Streets. The captivating event illustrates the intersection of natural environment, innovative design and urban life.
Night Garden is an immersive stretch of glowing blooms along the banks of Waller Creek at 8th Street. The project will use 50,000 fluorescent survey flags, “planted” at creek’s edge to form a high-spectacle and immersive augmented reality, intended to prefigure Waller Creek’s coming transformation.
A render of the approach to Night Garden

A render of the approach to Night Garden

Night gardens have historically been spaces for dreaming. We think that Austin has been dreaming of the Waller Creek Transformation (whether they know it or not). Intended as an experience rather than an object (an inhabitable reverie), Night Garden aims to immerse users in a surreal atmosphere that shifts perceptions of the creek towards wonder and excitement for Waller’s future. Creek Show attendees will be able to walk through a field of glowing flowers, snapping photos and chatting about Austin’s weird urban garden. The flowers, or flags (commonly used in construction practice), symbolically acts as a seed bank for Waller’s transformation: each inflorescence is also a commitment to harvest, grow, and replenish the urban forest that is genetically unique to Waller Creek. Once Creek Show is over, the flags will be collected and donated to our friends at Treefolks – reinforcing our philosophy of minimizing waste and limiting environmental impact.

Save the date (November 10-18) for this year’s Creek Show and stay tuned for updates as the event gets closer!
CLICK HERE to learn more about Creek Show