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April 1, 2017
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April 10, 2017
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help shape the future of congress avenue

The COur Congress Avenueity of Austin, in partnership with the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA) and various community stakeholder groups, is developing a new vision for Congress Avenue.

This new vision will provide direction for an urban design initiative, which will inform plans for future improvements to Congress Avenue.  It will also include preliminary engineering.


In early April 2017, the City of Austin, in partnership with the Downtown Austin Alliance, hosted two community meetings for the Our Congress Avenue Launch. At these meetings, the public had an opportunity to speak to staff and consulting experts, learn about the project, explore the history of the avenue, provide thoughts and ideas and to learn exciting ways to stay involved.

Over the next nine months, outreach effort will continue to gather input about the future development of Congress Avenue. Tools to be used include: meetings, interviews, focus groups, online mediums and interactive events.The strategy will allow stakeholders to participate as their interest allows and is designed to give every Austinite and Texan a voice in the process.




Designers are currently collecting survey responses to hear how people currently experience Congress Avenue, take the survey today!