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June 20, 2017
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July 20, 2017
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job opening: urban designer



Title: Urban Designer

Job Location: Austin, Texas

Daniel Woodroffe Group, LLC dba dwg seeks Urban Designer in Austin. 40 hrs/wk.  Create site analysis diagrams through the study of existing site ecology, topography, hydrology and other social and environmental factors that will demonstrate the opportunities and constraints of a site. Document design goals; create illustrative renderings of multiple concept alternatives. Develop preferred conceptual design options through physical modeling and 3D modeling and renderings using Rhino, Revit and Sketchup as well as illustrative plans, sections and perspectives. Create illustrative plan view graphics for final project presentations and marketing purposes. Produce technical and detailed CAD drawings.

Min. Reqs: Master’s degree in Urban Design or Landscape Architecture.  2 years working as an urban designer engaged in (i) design and analysis for the following project types: streetscapes and street sections, urban plazas and public realm spaces, and high density mixed-use and commercial developments; (ii) using AutoCAD for layering, sheet setup, and drafting; (iii) software modeling using Rhino, Revit and Sketchup; and (iv) spatial analysis using GIS.


Ms. Amy Goettle
Operations Manager
912-B Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701