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September 1, 2017
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September 20, 2017
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park(ing) day 2017

PARK(ing) Day is an annual, open-source, global event where artists, designers, and activists transform parking spots into PARK(ing) Spaces: temporary public parks . These spaces are reinvented to generate public engagement and critical dialogue on the need for public, open spaces in urban areas. The mission of PARK(ing) Day is to call attention to the need for more urban open space, to produce debate around how public space is created and allocated, and to improve the quality of urban human habitat.

Originally conceived in 2005 by Rebar, a San Francisco-based art and design studio, PARK(ing) Day demonstrates the potential of urban parking spaces to serve as multifunctional gathering spaces, challenging conventional approaches to how streets are used while reinforcing the need for broad-based changes to urban infrastructure.

This year’s PARK(ing) Day event will be held on Friday, September 15. Several parking spaces throughout downtown Austin will be activated from the hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Volunteers from Bike Austin, TBG Partners, dwg., Gensler, HA Architecture, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, Forge Craft Architecture and Austin Community Design and Development Center (ACDDC), collectively will convert parking spaces at two sites for PARK(ing) Day 2017. The first site is on the 300 Block of Congress Avenue, adjacent to Patagonia and the second site is on the 700 Block of Congress Avenue, adjacent to The Contemporary Austin Jones Center.

The space located in front of the Patagonia store will feature a multi-person hammock lounge from Nido. These hammock lounges provide you with a way to hammock with all of your friends while keeping the trees happy and healthy.

The second space, located in front of The Contemporary Austin Jones Center, is a classic interpretation of PARK(ing) Day. The space will be transformed into a park, using wooden BoomSpace structures to create an outdoor room. The design is meant to feel warm and inviting, with the use of brightly colored rugs, soft textures of turf and plants, and in Instrammable moment in front of an oversized PARK sign.

More information on local PARK(ing) Day happenings can be found on Facebook at: or by following #ParkingDayATX. A global map of participating cities can be found at the official PARK(ing) Day website:, including other PARK(ing) Day events throughout Austin.