lamar central
June 21, 2016
816 congress roof terrace
June 8, 2016


san antonio, texas


The Build Your Own Broadway (BYOB) competition was hosted in 2016 with a goal to inspire visionary thinking among policy makers, the development community and fellow citizens of San Antonio for the redevelopment of the Broadway corridor. dwg.'s entry for the competition is entitled Juxtapose, which responded to the challenge of improving the chaotic underpass on Broadway where I-35, US 281 and I-37 converge. Recognizing the site’s inherent disorder, we set it against an ordered grid of trees and illuminated totems that stretches across the interchange’s open spaces.

This juxtaposition of overpass and grid activates open spaces and reveals the landscape as sustainable infrastructure. The site becomes a vibrant landscape that reclaims underused space between the highways and employs that landscape to demonstrate sustainable ideas for San Antonio.

The design introduces a series of rain gardens and bioswales to intercept and clean water that lands on impervious surfaces when it rains. Two light networks emphasize the juxtaposition of the disorderly roads and the ordered grid. A linear series of LED strip lights mounted to exposed beams underneath the overpasses reacts to traffic flow. Within the grid, illuminated totems and uplights at trees respond to water as it moves through the site. These lights shine a soft white light when the soil is dry, and when underground moisture sensors detect water, they shine blue.

Through the implementation of sustainable infrastructure and responsive lighting design, this proposal aims to transform the underpass into a vivid, self-sustaining landscape that serves as an exciting gateway into downtown San Antonio.

dwg. team

  • Ethan Primm
  • Kevin Sullivan
  • Kyle Grist
  • Lauren Ko
  • Hollie Bordelon
  • Daniel Woodroffe