royal blue congress pocket patio
June 29, 2016
captain shepard house at the gage hotel
June 29, 2016

seaholm intake design competition

austin, texas


dwg. lead a dynamic team to envision a design for this exceptional historic site, located along Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. The site was the home of the nearby power plant’s intake facility and has been left vacant since the plant was decommissioned in 1996.

Our design for this competition envisions a culturally vibrant, multi-functional space that blends the urban environment with the natural systems of our city. The design connects Austinites both physically and experientially to the lake, reveals the original function of the building and cleans the lake water through passive and active systems. Adhering to SITES requirements, the project cycles the water up to the roof, through vertical gardens and back into the lake into a pair of floating pools. The space is intended to educate users on the process of cleaning the lake water, which highlights our impact on the urban watershed.

competition team

  • architect: Lake Flato
  • civil engineer: Big Red Dog