sand beach park
June 13, 2016

town square dubai

dubai, united arab emirates


dwg. proudly collaborated on this highly sustainable and innovative development in Dubai. Working directly with the client and project team, the scope placed dwg. in a fast-tracked collaboration to enhance and update the existing conceptual master plan vision.

With a focus on pedestrian priority, human comfort and the desert environment, the team was originally tasked with leveraging our retail and urban design experience to design the development urban core and retail district. The scope quickly expanded into a complete redesign of the signature boulevard park, primary entries, first phase boulevards and streetscapes and dwg. was tasked with developing a new typology of Desert Botanical planting that presents innovative approaches to utilizing native and adaptive desert plants in clean, bold ways while reducing water requirements and maintenance needs. Lighting, signage and wayfinding were also integrated into the redesign to enhance vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle safety as well as day and night orientation. These elements created more opportunities for highlighting the brand, reinforcing the storytelling and overlaying subtle and informal education of the Desert Botanical landscape.

Also serving as the landscape architect for the second phase of the development on the east end of the signature town square park, dwg. designed streetscapes, plazas, parklets, rooftop gardens and amenity decks that seamlessly connects six high-rise office, retail and residential towers seamlessly with sustainable philosophies and placemaking qualities of the development.

dwg. was tasked with providing a fast-tracked design, review and documentation process throughout the heavily-compressed timeline. This highly innovative, sustainable project features a robust commitment to water use reduction, utilizing AC condensate harvesting and full waste reclamation of wastewater for irrigation while adopting a desert native and adapted planting palette displaying exemplary use of soil volumetrics and custom soil mix designs.

Working closely with the client to design an environment that carefully curates and exemplifies the values and design aesthetic of their commitment to leadership in innovation and design excellence dwg. created a designed environment that fosters a connected urban place and embodies innovation, collaboration and design excellence. The landscape performs as an extension of the project's carefully articulated modern desert lifestyle.


  • Owner: Nshama
  • Architect: Nelsen Partners
  • Signage and Wayfinding: RSM
  • Lighting Design: LDA
  • Civil Engineer: Parsons