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June 2, 2017
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June 16, 2017
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meet our summer 2017 interns!

We are so pleased to welcome two talented student design interns from the University of Texas at Austin Masters program in Landscape Architecture. Both Abby and Miles will be in the studio through August. Please help us welcome them!

miles payton

Miles Payton joins dwg. as a summer intern from The University of Texas at Austin, where he is pursuing his Masters in Landscape Architecture. Miles was born and raised on the Northern California coast, exploring foggy redwood forests and poking sea anemones in the tide pools.

Miles is interested in the interactions and integration between human and environmental systems. Before pursuing his MLA, Miles apprenticed and managed small-scale organic farms.

Miles approaches projects wondering how they can perform for all users, human and non-human alike. He stops to smell the flowers and can’t help but pick up a handful of dirt for science.

Miles is excited to join the dwg. team for the summer. He is motivated by dwg.’s mission to improve the urban environment in Austin, and loves contributing to projects happening blocks away.

abby comeau

Abby Comeau joins dwg. as a summer design intern. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Landscape Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. Abby grew up in the Adirondack Mountains, and spent her childhood exploring the woods, climbing and swimming in Lake Champlain.

These experiences instilled in her a love for exploration and discovery, which she applies to her design process. Abby designs with the intent to orchestrate environmental connection for others and bring a sense of exploration and discovery to our urban spaces.

Abby’s design process prioritizes iteration to solve problems. She believes that it is important to design at multiple scales. Shifting from territorial, site and detail scales are necessary to design a space that engages the community and creates place.

When she’s not place-making in the studio, you can find Abby hiking in our state parks and exploring swimming holes with her dog, Lulu.