jason radcliff


Jason is a Landscape Architect and senior project manager with over 12 years of experience in the Texas and Louisiana region. Jason has acted as team leader on a variety of complex, fast-track projects throughout his career, directing the production and implementation of the project vision from early phases of design through construction observation.

Understanding that the basis of good design begins with collaborative team integration, Jason works well with a diverse group of professionals to encourage the development of highly creative, sustainable options for multi-faceted projects. He understands the importance of effective team management to ensure that the project remains well informed and coordinated.

Jason’s experience includes the design integration of innovative storm-water management and water use reduction solutions, including condensate and rainwater collection, bioswales and rain gardens. He has demonstrated the necessary technical understanding of complex building systems through the careful detailing and management of on-structure amenity terraces. Jason looks forward to challenging projects that strive for lower impact development that, in turn, provide more dynamic and meaningful spaces and amenities.