katie dictus

landscape design intern

Katie is a graduate student pursuing her MLA degree at The University of Texas at Austin, which is quite an environmental change from where she grew up in Wisconsin. Though her childhood summers were spent on the lake up north, she feels most at home in a big city. She obtained her dual bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has since bounced from Des Moines to Detroit to Chicago before landing in Austin.

In previous lives she has been a musician and performer, a vegan line cook, a non-profit consultant, an event planner, and a volunteer wrangler. Indeed, people - as much as the environment - are what inspires Katie to pursue landscape architecture, a discipline she believes has the power to reconcile the relationship between these two seemingly-opposed forces.

Her varied background and love of people-watching helps her to understand how we as humans interact with our surroundings and to thoughtfully envision better urban habitats for everyone; her education lends her the idealism that these urban places can simultaneously be vital ecosystems.

Outside of school and work, Katie practices yoga, reads avidly, and tries to enjoy cooking. Her favorite thing about Austin is the Greenbelt because she's never seen water that blue before.