stephanie orr

landscape design intern

Stephanie Orr has joined the dwg. team as our yearlong intern. She is currently studying landscape architecture at Purdue University. Steph’s longtime love of nature, plants and flowers lead to a hands-on experience of redesigning and improving her very own back yard. She found herself studying gardens, open spaces and cities and without consciously pursuing the field, she discovered and dove head first into landscape architecture.

Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, she believes that the urban environment and the natural environment should be combined to improve quality of life and intermix nature within our world.

Steph is fascinated by landscape architecture’s amalgamation of diverse subjects and range of problems to solve. Throughout the design process, she places a great value on iteration – going back to truly analyze a decision with a critical eye. While one of the most challenging steps in the practice, she believes this is also the most critical. Through resolving design problems, Steph seeks to improve the experience of the user and impact the way people interact with and impact nature. She prioritizes water quality and aims to keep water where it lands and allow it to percolate back into the water table and for it to be a clean, accessible resource.

When she’s not in the studio growing her skills as a designer, you can find Steph dancing, snow skiing, rock climbing and hiking (and enthusiastically greeting a dog somewhere along the way.)