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Bamberger Ranch Preserve

Hill Country Family Photo

Hill Country Family Photo

Last Friday, the dwg. team loaded up in a van and traveled out to the Hill Country to tour the Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve outside of Johnson City. The preserve is a 5,500 acre ranch that has been described as the largest habitat restoration project on private land in the state of Texas. Not only was the trip educational, but the exceptional weather and beautiful backdrop (and the BBQ lunch afterward) made the day a perfect escape from the city.

The ranch was purchased in 1969 by David Bamberger with the sole purpose of environmental restoration. The land he acquired was some of the most badly damaged and overgrazed in the area, covered in overgrown cedar brush and unhealthy, rocky soil. Through decades of self-education as well as great physical and financial investment, the land now boasts spring-fed creeks and ponds, large hardwood trees surrounded by grassy meadows, with wild turkeys and deer wandering in the open. It is a showpiece of what land in the Texas Hill Country is capable of, and a beautiful example of what land stewardship looks like in action. The Ranch is visited by 3,000 people annually who are interested in conservation, restoration and often want to learn about implementing the techniques used at Bamberger Ranch on their own property.

The Preserve is home to a large Mexican free tail bat colony. Nearly 400,000 bats live in Bamberger Ranch’s 3-domed man-made, gunite cave. Additionally, one square mile of the property serves as a habitat for the highly endangered scimitar-horned oryx antelope, which has disappeared from the African Sahara, helping enhance the world’s dwindling population of this exotic animal.

Bamberger Ranch is a beautiful symbol of land stewardship, and certainly inspired our team through its visibly influential practices. We highly encourage you to schedule a tour of this incredible property. Find out more about Bamberger Ranch Preserve here: Bamberger Ranch Preserve