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May 15, 2018
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meet our stellar interns

dwg. is delighted to have three interns recently added to the team! Nikki Chang and Katie Dictus will be us through the summer and Evelyn Simmel will be with us through the year. Here’s a little more about these stellar new staffers, help us welcome them to the team!

Nikki Chang
University of Pennsylvania
Summer Intern
Masters in Landscape Architectur

I come from a family of architects so design was never foreign to me, but I was never interested in designing buildings. I was more excited about interacting with nature and working with it knowing that every day I would see something different. I did not know that landscape was an option until my second year of undergrad when I met my two mentors – an architect and a landscape architect. I was in the process of majoring in Environmental Studies, and they opened my eyes to the potentials of designing with nature and designing for public / diverse users. After that, I knew that I wanted to go through the route of landscape architecture to express my creativity and to approach problems through that avenue.

What I like about dwg. is that I feel comfortable talking to any of my co-workers and managers, and I feel like they care about my growth as a designer. I feel like this is a blessing especially in this collaborative field, and I feel lucky to get a chance to work with everyone here.

When I am not locked in the 4th floor of Meyerson Hall or hiding from the summer heat, I like to get lost in the city. Nothing beats just taking a step out my door with no agenda and a good pair of walking shoes. I feel that’s the best way to get to know a city. When I’m not getting lost, I enjoy cooking with friends and catching up after a long day.

Katie Dictus
University of Texas at Austin
Summer Intern
Masters of LA First Professional Degree

I chose landscape architecture because I’m interested in human behavior/urban life and ecosystem functions/repairing our environment. Through LA, we are able to reframe the human-environment relationship as symbiotic and inextricably linked, despite the two systems being at odds in recent history.

Everyone holds themselves and others to a high standard; there’s a technical proficiency; an attention to detail; and a clear eye for simple, beautiful ways to make our urban environment a more hospitable place.

Going to the greenbelt or Barton, reading, cooking, yoga

Evelyn Simmel
Purdue University
Yearlong Intern
Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture

For me, landscape architecture is the perfect mix of science and creativity. I have always had a fascination with human culture and a love a design, so it was a great match when I found a field that combines the two and addresses them from an environmental standpoint. We all grow up experiencing places, and seeing my hometown of Indianapolis change and grow sparked my interest in the urban landscape. Having many travels throughout North America and a study abroad in Europe, this fascination increased exponentially after learning to view cities through the lens of a landscape architect

I have felt embraced by dwg. from the beginning, having a studio culture that promotes communication and collaboration throughout the entire office with inspired people that push the boundaries with every step. Beyond learning the in’s and out’s of the industry and contributing to a diverse collection of projects throughout the urban realm, I hope to attain the highest attention to detail and craft that is evident in all of dwg.’s work.

Just moving to Austin from Indiana, I have a lot of exploring left to do! Outside of work you can find me biking around town hunting for hidden gems, listening to some live music, or enjoying a happy state of mind in the yoga/dance/ceramics studio.