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February 13, 2017
the pershing
June 21, 2016

823 congress pocket patio

austin, texas


The 823 Congress pocket patio transforms a typical downtown corner into a vibrant space with a landmark feature element wall. Replacing five angled-parking spaces, the patio prioritizes the pedestrian experience and adds an instantly recognizable new face to the 823 Congress building at the pedestrian level, complementing the building’s architectural renovations.

Seamlessly integrating into the existing streetscape by reusing the City of Austin standard pavers, the patio features a distinctive, custom precast linear feature wall that snakes through the space, creating pockets for seating and new, extra-large planting beds. Using a limited materials palette and distinctive white feature elements, the unique design leans on simplicity to provide detail and interest to the space. Brought to life with two adjacent food trucks, the space is active throughout the breakfast and lunch hours, providing a variety of gathering spaces at different scales.

The new planting beds provide additional room for the root systems of the existing street trees and adds a fresh palette of green to the streetscape, offering a physical and visual respite from sidewalk and asphalt, encouraging passersby to slow down and engage.


  • Client: Brickman + Cielo
  • Landscape Contractor: Strata
  • Custom Precast: Tectura Designs