the pershing
June 21, 2016
June 13, 2016

caffe aragona pocket patio

austin, texas


The latest pocket patio in downtown Austin transforms two side-angled parking spaces into a dynamic seating area at Caffe Aragona on Congress Avenue. The resulting patio provides additional space for the coffee shop to expand its services and offers guests a new outdoor amenity that meets the City of Austin's latest ordinance and utilizes the Street Patio Handbook.

The patio incorporates a cedar deck, which is topped with an angled white steel and cedar structure that ebbs and flows to form large planters, a long wraparound bench and platform seating surrounding the existing street tree.

The angles offer a flow to the space and create visual interest. The wide platform seating further engages the passers-by from the sidewalk, inviting activity into the space. Oversized, sloping planters are filled with drought tolerant plants to buffer the adjacent street activity and provide a green barrier to enclose users. The unique planters contribute to the angled aesthetic and soften the patio’s appearance from the street.

Utilizing an open design with no fixed tables, the space offers a variety of seating arrangements, maximizing flexibility.


  • Client: Caffe Aragona
  • Landscape Contractor: Strata