fairmont austin
June 13, 2016
riata vista corporate campus
February 13, 2017


art + landscape


dwg. is rooted in the design of open spaces exemplifying urbanism, and position the landscape as green infrastructure. Our firm aims to incorporate site specific art elements into each space we create. We are artists by nature; designers by profession.

We are passionate about exposing the community to art to enhance user experience and encourage civic engagement. Our expertise in construction documentation and administration helps assure a high level of technical quality and resiliency. Our projects involve a highly collaborative process, internally and with other designers, clients, fabricators and city officials.

dwg. specializes in site specific art elements that question the role of nature in the urban landscape. We use landscape architecture and artistry to draw attention to nature within the built world. We work with a variety of materials and local craftsman to create both temporal and permanent installations that inspire experiences.

We seek to celebrate the relationships between art, landscape and the built environment and understand what it takes to bring visions to reality.

custom art elements

  • Nimbus: Shade structure at Fareground
  • Cloudscape: Water feature at Faregound
  • Facet: Shade structure at Tyndall
  • Nessie: Bench at 823 Congress
  • Seated: Bench at Dell Seton Medical School at UT