816 congress roof terrace
June 8, 2016
hill country galleria renovation
April 18, 2017

lamar central

austin, texas


Lamar Central is a LEED-certified, mixed-use development at 38th Street and North Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas, blending office, retail and restaurant destinations with shared open space amenities.

The project incorporates a series of raingardens, which provide 100% of the required stormwater treatment on-site. The raingardens are integrated into the landscape design, providing functional and aesthetically pleasing amenities. These features treat ground surface and roof runoff, and the soil mix filters pollutants and contaminants from the water. The landscape design includes a 41,000 gallon cistern built under the parking garage ramp to collect roof rainwater and AC condensate. The collected water is used for irrigation of the entire site and is treated and used to fill the water feature included in the courtyard. All of the plants selected for the Lamar Central landscape are native or adapted species and all of the exterior light fixtures use LED technology.


  • Client: Highland Resources
  • Architect: STG Design
  • Civil Engineer: Consort, Inc.
  • MEP Engineer: MEJ & Associates
  • Structural Engineer: Walter P. Moore
  • Technology A/V: DataCom Design Group
  • Waterproofing Consultant: Austech Roofing Consultants
  • General Contractor: Rogers O'Brien Construction