light and print
December 20, 2018

lower broadway

san antonio, texas


dwg. is working with the client and architectural team to envision the site-inspired, adaptive reuse of a collection of parcels in San Antonio. The site features a collection of historic structures, a historic acequia traversing the site next to the Pearl development, and the rapidly transforming Broadway Corridor. The project offers a unique opportunity to revitalize a site that has been underutilized for decades.

The new retail, residential, office and hospitality development will feature strong commitment to resilient urban design incorporating low impact design, superior streets, innovative water quality, generous retail and pedestrian priority streets, passes and woonerf style streets that culminate on a flexible civic plaza / urban park that is surrounded by amphitheater space, residences, restaurants, entrainment, retail, a boutique hotel and office.

The landscape design celebrates the site’s rich architectural and archaeological past and acknowledges the historic lineage through the use of reclaimed materials and the preservation of existing buildings and unique site features.

The project seeks to create a truly unique sense of place that celebrates a deep commitment to environmental, social and economic resiliency and raises the bar for urban infill development in San Antonio.


  • Client: GrayStreet Partners
  • Architect: Gensler