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June 29, 2016
804 congress pocket patio
June 13, 2016

royal blue congress pocket patio

austin, texas


The Congress Avenue Pocket Patio successfully transformed two angled parking spots into a dynamic, green seating area. The pocket patio has activated this area and created a social gathering spot for downtown residents, employees and Royal Blue customers. The refuge provides counter top and traditional table seating bordered by a metal planter, defining the edges and boasting native and adaptive planting.

The precedent encourages a pedestrian focused streetscape, challenging the traditional downtown arrival of driving, parking, and heading straight to your destination. Austin’s very first parklet, the project represents an innovative adaptation of limited urban space and served as the pilot project for the city’s new pocket patio ordinance. .

The project was the recipient of a 2013 Austin Chronicle Best Of Austin Award and the 2013 ULI Award of Distinction for Public Impact.


  • Client: Royal Blue Grocery
  • Development Partners: City of Austin and Downtown Austin Alliance
  • Civil Engineer: BIG RED DOG Engineers