823 congress pocket patio
July 30, 2018
caffe aragona pocket patio
August 13, 2018

the pershing

austin, texas


The Pershing represents the preservation and adaptive reuse of an industrial relic into an urban social club. Designed for creatives and entrepreneurs, the space provides a unique environment to work and celebrate an array of social and cultural events. Located within East Austin, a district that is rapidly covering its history with new development, this project fully embraces and interprets the story of the site through the landscape. The resulting exterior courtyard provides users with an experience that is gritty and at the same time rich and luxurious. Austin’s well-known funky vibe is successfully translated into an authentic outdoor space that incorporates the work of resident craftspeople and artisans, celebrating what is truly local.

dwg. designed the courtyard, which seamlessly ties together a series of gathering, lounging, intimate performance and dining spaces. The exterior fully embraces reclaimed materials to set the scene for memorable events and interactions. Raw weathering steel, brick, concrete masonry units, stucco, reclaimed lumber, concrete, decomposed granite and native and adaptive plants complement one another to create a perfect blend for a singular, homegrown ambiance.

An outdoor chef’s kitchen and cantina make entertaining easy at any scale. Comfortable lounge seating encourages long conversations; hammocks inspire relaxation; a large exterior dining table invites large groups to linger and enjoy meals together. A raised “living room” space is covered to provide intimacy and elevated to accommodate small live performances. An outdoor spa with heating capabilities introduces water into the environment, offering comfort and calm in both warm and cool conditions. A small terrace connected to the second level of the house presents users with a perfect view of the activity below.

A palette of native and adaptive plants, including desert museum palo verde, pale-leaf yucca, red yucca, spineless cactus and fig ivy, were selected for their low-maintenance requirements and reduced water needs. At night, the experience of the space is more dramatic with lanterns and festoon lighting, candles, fire pits and a wood-burning oven that glows.

The Pershing received a 2018 Texas ASLA Merit Award and was shortlisted for the 2018 World Landscape Architecture awards.


  • Client Confidential
  • Interiors: Rachel Horn
  • Architect of Record: Clayton and Little
  • Landscape Contractor: Strata
  • General Contractor: Icon Design Build