xiaolu song

landscape design intern

Xiaolu Song comes to dwg. as a summer intern from Los Angeles, where she’s pursuing her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Southern California. Seeking a different summer living experience and an opportunity to learn real-world practical knowledge, she decided to move to Austin, TX. She completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Design (combined Interior Design and Landscape Architecture), and decided to work on Landscape Architecture as her master study goal believing in the beauty of the natural environment.

After training in the skills of professional fine art since high school, Xiaolu has a passion for sketching surroundings and describing the natural environment using design methods. Previously designing small-scale gardens and pocket parks in her undergraduate study, now moving towards urban-scale design, she believes these multiple scales are an essential learning process for the growth of a designer.

A foodie, Xiaolu finds her happy place in the studio because there are lots of snacks in the office. In her free time, you can find her enjoying films on the big screen. As the outdoor environment attracts her the most, she spends most of her time taking photos along urban streets and rural scenes.